Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Press Release from Grant Davy Labour Group Leader

Northumberland Labour Group cannot believe that Liberal Democrat Councillor Neil Bradbury wishes to continue with quest to build a leisure facility in Ashington specifically for a private partner. particulalrly since Council Scrutiny members have 'Called In' his report to a special scrutiny meeting to be held this Thursday.  Councillor Grant Davey Leader of Northumberland Labour Group said "Its a pity that Northumberland County Council executive committee is split so badly that they have stopped talking to each other. The new facility in Ashington is but one element of the redevelopment of the Town Centre which will include a Library and a one stop shop, Council offices and possibly a base for core services".  Council Leisure contracts are developed on a deficit bid basis to attempt to close the gap between the amount of money a Council wishes to spend on leisure and the revenue that a contractor can make from the Councils customers. This allows non-profit making sports to be included into Councils plans. In the world of Private Leisure the offer is focused on profit making to ensure shareholders receive a healthy annual return. "Concentration on profit making elements does not assist the Council aims for Social Inclusion, we need to widen the public leisure scope to ensure all age groups are catered for and not concentrate on fitness suites and Zumba classes, as they are currently supplied very well by private providers in the area".
                                                       Todays Article in The Journal
Former Asda store in Ashington which is to become a new leisure centre
PLANS to place all Northumberland’s leisure centres in the hands of a private company have taken a step forward.
Northumberland County Council’s executive has agreed a number of recommendations towards all the authority’s 12 leisure centres being managed by one private operator.
The contract would include a planned new facility at Ashington, which is to be built at a cost of £20m. The council’s Labour group has claimed the proposals are the first step on the authority’s drive to privatise its services.
The authority is currently considering setting up a partnership with a private firm to deliver some of it services, in a bid to make tens of millions of pounds in savings.
Coun Neil Bradbury, executive member for leisure, said: “Currently the majority of our leisure facilities are managed by four external leisure operators, with only two centres operated in-house.
“We are looking to introduce a simplified and consistent approach to leisure management across the county. We propose to appoint just one operator to manage our centres.
“Not only will this offer better value for money and contribute to the efficiency savings which are required across the council, it will also provide a more consistent approach to the quality of our leisure facilities and services across the county.
“The first step in the process will be to soft market test the idea to get proposals and suggestions from interested parties, including all the existing leisure operators.”

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