Monday, September 17, 2012

Action Stations for county farmers from Northumberland Labour Group

Monday 17 September 2012     Morpeth Herald

Action stations for county farmers

AN action plan to help Northumberland’s farming industry should be set up now, county councillors have said.

Members of the county’s Labour group are calling for more support for agriculture in light of failing harvests, squeezed price margins and uncertain economic conditions.
The calls come as harvests in many areas have been badly damaged by the wet summer and, by week seven in the British harvest season, only 45 per cent of combinable crops had been brought in, with machinery only able to work half the time it could normally due to the conditions.
Labour Group Leader Grant Davey said: “This is an uncertain time in the Northumberland economy with the loss of two major private sector employers in Alcan and Northumberland Foods so it’s important we make sure we protect as much as we can the farming industry during a time of economic strain.”

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