Monday, September 17, 2012

Its Children Not Schools We Care About in Northumberland

Northumberland Labour Group are incensed at the actions of the Coalition Government on the GCSE marking scandal. Government Officials took decisions to downgrade pupils who had passed GCSE's at Grade C down to D as in their words "too many students passed at level C." The Government press releases have concentrated on the fact that 140 schools missed their exam targets and may either be forced to close, set Interim Boards to improve things or transferred out of Local Authority control and steered to Academisation.
Grant Davey Northumberland Labour Group Leader said, "I think its disgraceful that the Coalition Government have spun this news towards Schools, We in Northumberland Labour Group are more concerned for the young people who have lost out in this disgraceful downgrading exercise." "Young people who are not the top 20% rely their whole lives on the pass rate, this downgrading of children from C to D spoils the life chances of so many and it appears this Government doesn't care."
"We demand a full report from the Director of Education on the numbers of young people affected and a plan to see how we can help those who need their Council at this time either to have their marks re-assessed honestly or be aided to resit."
" Northumberland has an average of 23% of all children in poverty, in some areas such as Croft Ward in Blyth its as high as 60%, children from the Blyth, Wansbeck and Rural Coalfield Wards who are not born with silver spoons in their mouths need the comfort of the pass rate as many are not from families that can afford or can give additional educational help. This stripping out of 10 Marks at GCSE through a Government whim to 'improve' is one of the worst examples of attacks on working families we have seen to date."

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