Thursday, October 18, 2012

The word the Tories are afraid to say sorry

Sir –
An apology at the very least

After reading your story on the guilty verdict of Haltwhistle’s Conservative Councillor Ian Hutchinson, its gob smacking that one simple word is missing from the story.
Neither the Conservative party nor Councillor Hutchinson felt it necessary to apologise for his shocking actions highlighted in the report which is a disgrace in itself.
It seems ‘sorry’ is the hardest word in the case of Northumberland Conservatives and Ian Hutchinson.
 I noted that Mrs Dale has been deselected by her party and one would hope that was not linked with her brave decision to ignore Conservative Leader Peter Jackson’s pleas not to rock the boat and to make sure that bullying is confronted head on. Her decision makes stark contrast with Councillor Jackson’s attempts to sweep Hutchinson’s actions under the carpet.  
For anybody to seek to intimidate or bully someone is shocking enough but a senior county councillor chairing a high powered committee? That really beggars belief.
It is surely not reasonable to carry on, as he is as quoted in the Hexham Courant and blindly state ‘he’s done nothing wrong’. He should accept his punishment and do the decent thing and apologise to the people he’s let down and to the person who was bullied by him, Councillor Dale.
If he continues to act as though he’s in denial then what does that say about the Conservative party in Northumberland? Does this mean they accept his actions and therefore condone bullying or will they act to force Councillor Hutchinson to face up to his shortcomings?
Make no mistake, people are watching and waiting for actions not words from Northumberland Conservatives and Ian Hutchinson.

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