Sunday, December 09, 2012

Free parking across Northumberland

I noted Councillor Andrew Tebbutt comments regarding the vote to provide 1 week free car parking to benefit Berwick and its economy were devoid of any fact.
Fact – the Labour party has consistently campaigned for free car parking across Northumberland because we don’t think it is fair that Councillor Tebbutt’s Liberal Council ‘soak’ the local economies outside of the South East in towns such as Berwick and Hexham to the tune of £1.95m per year.
Fact – His administration have stripped £2m from the environmental budget while pursuing vanity projects such as a £440,000 ‘state of the art’ fish pass at Hedgley. That shows the Liberals have their priorities wrong.
Fact – His administration has doubled the council debt while sacking over 2,500 workers so to take lectures on financial decision-making from the Liberals should come with a health warning.
The real fact is this Liberal administration has had four and half years to ‘show the county’ what it could do. Instead they’ve been the willing hand maidens of their Westminster masters and haven’t stood up for Northumberland.
That’s the real issue.

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