Monday, July 16, 2012

Council puts frighteners on Blyth Crematorium ‘Inaccurate and insensitive comments slammed’

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Press Release

Council puts frighteners on Blyth Crematorium
‘Inaccurate and insensitive comments slammed’

Northumberland Labour Group have slammed the comments made by Councillor Neil Bradbury to the West Area Committee that Blyth Crematorium requires £1M spent on it to bring it up to standard.

His comments have raised concerns that the council has plans to close the facility as it battles to save £77m from its budget. It is the latest gaffe by the Liberal Democratic administration which has seen its plans to ‘privatise’ services across the county halted by a coalition of opposition councillors. 

Northumberland Labour Group Leader, Grant Davey, said
"After his recent problems with his leisure centre ‘giveaway’, Councillor Bradbury has once again attempted to score points in rural Northumberland by playing the urban rural card, seeking to divide rather than unite. The truth is Blyth Crematorium has been a cash cow and has benefitted the whole of the county to the tune of £2.50 per household. Councillor Bradbury once again needs to clear up the mess he has created by his incorrect comments and he needs to clarify the situation”.


Notes for Editors
·         A report to Blyth Valley and Wansbeck Joint Crematorium Committee on 10th July 2007 did highlight several areas that required attention. Following receipt of that report both Councils took action and funded during 2007/8 new flues, a new waiting room, new burner equipment, including a burner to take larger coffins, the refurbishment of both chapels and fitted a CCTV link between the chapels to assist mourners at highly attended funerals to join in the celebrations of the deceased lives.
·         During 1991 the Secretary of State issued a mandate to the health and Safety Executive to monitor emissions and working practice at Crematoria. If £1M was required to be spent then the HSE would have probably closed down the facility.

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