Monday, August 13, 2012

Vera visits Hadston House, Youth and Communty Project

Vera Baird, Labour's candidate to be Northumbria's first Police and Crime Commissioner visited Hadston House, Youth and Community Project recently to hear about the work Project Leader Scott Dickinson and his team are doing with local young men not in education employment or training

She said:
 "Being a PCC is not just about consulting on what the public want from the police and agreeing its delivery with the Chief Constable.
The job also involves working hard in local communities to keep them safe and to cut crime. The economic downturn and the inept way it is being made worse by the Government are worsening employment chances for our young people and causing real worry that crime might go up if people are pushed further into poverty

"Scott has got some funding for instance for unemployed over 18s can join Hadston's "Break the Cycle" Apprenticeship Programme. Some local lads get into the position where they cannot get a job because they have no experience but since they have no job they cannot get experience - an unfair Catch 22 Scott has come up with a programme which young people  will enjoy and it will help them to find what they are looking for. "

Councillor Scott Dickinson, Project Leader said : IT was good to welcome Vera. She understands the pressures young people are under when a job seems like just a distant dream and agrees that we should all be pooling our resources to make sure that youngsters get a better future and dont fall by the wayside