Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Labour calls for unity on Northumberland jobs push.

Ian Swithenbank, Chairperson
Grant Davey, Leader
Val Tyler, Deputy
Robert Arckless, Secretary

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Press Release
Labour calls for unity on Northumberland jobs push.
Chancellor urged to extend Blyth Enterprise Zone and help SE Northumberland

Labour MP’s Ronnie Campbell and Ian Lavery, along with Northumberland Labour group leader Grant Davey have urged Chancellor George Osborne and Business Secretary Vince Cable to ‘think outside the box’ and extend the recently announced Blyth Enterprise Zone to take in the area around the former Alcan site at Lynemouth.
It is believed that the Chancellor will be coming forward with a new round of announcements related to the ‘so called pump priming’ of the regional economy and the trio are urging the extension of the Port of Blyth Enterprise Zone to take in the area of the former Alcan site.
Enterprise status will give enhanced capital allowances for private investment, business rate relief, subsidy to employ and transport link help.  

Grant Davey, Leader of the Labour group said
‘It’s time that political parties in Northumberland concentrated on creating the conditions to foster growth. There’s too much talking about creating private sector jobs and not enough support to allow communities to get on with it. That is why the Chancellor and his government need to hear the message from all parties in Northumberland. They need to extend the enterprise zone as a priority and I hope local Liberals and Conservatives can agree with that’.
Labour MP for Wansbeck which includes Lynemouth and the area in question, Ian Lavery said
‘We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure this coalition has got the message that its policies are hitting SE Northumberland hard and the extension of the Port of Blyth Enterprise Zone is practical help now. The Chancellor needs to listen to those on the ground who are dealing with unemployment and squeezed living standards and we’re hoping the county council will support our lobby to make this happen’.
Blyth MP Ronnie Campbell said
‘We see the extension as unfinished business. I have many former workers from Alcan in my constituency and I’ve promised to them I won’t leave them behind. This isn’t party political which is why I hope Alan Beith and Jeff Reid, Leader of the council will back Labour’s plan to attract jobs to SE Northumberland’.