Tuesday, September 18, 2012

‘It’s hard to keep up with Councillor Sanderson’s ‘tax increases’

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Val Tyler, Deputy
Robert Arckless, Secretary

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Tories branded ‘tax em’ til they drop’ party
Tory deputy ‘in speed camera u-turn
Tory group Deputy Glen Sanderson faces the unwanted title of ‘Top Tory Taxer’ after his latest call to introduce more speed cameras on Northumberland’s roads as his government pledged to reduce and eventually eliminate speed camera’s. Many organisations like the Tax Payer’s Alliance have branded the camera’s ‘akin to stealth taxes on motorists’.
Councillor Sanderson is believed to be set against the Coaltition government’s plans to leave the number of Speed Camera’s and sites at their current level and ask Councils to consider reducing their number if possible and put in additional signage to reinforce speed limits on A-Class Roads.
Scotland has already put in place legislation to ensure that speed limits are clearly sign posted replacing many of their National Speed Limit Stripes with 60 or 70 mile per hour signs.
 Labour Group leader Grant Davey said
‘It’s hard to keep up with Councillor Sanderson’s ‘tax increases’ his call for new speed cameras across Northumberland without evidence of need is simply an attack on Northumberlands hard pressed motorists. Labour Group members have expressed the opinion that slowing zones from National Speed Limits prior to villages the method used in North Yorkshire would negate the need to increase cameras.