Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Labour group leader’s Jim Allan and Grant Davey released their own joint comment ahead of the North Tyneside motion

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Press Release
Tory Mayor called to condemn ‘illegal and ill judged’ Northumberland Tory motion
‘Northumberland Tories incompetence will damage jobs push’ Davey and Allan

Northumberland Tories who tabled an illegal motion are facing calls from another council to admit they got it wrong on a controversial motion seeking to ‘drastically cut renewable energy subsidies’ and ‘outlaw wind turbine developments illegally’ even in parts of Northumberland who may want them.
At the forthcoming meeting of  Tory run North Tyneside Council on Thurs 27 Sept, the Labour party group have tabled a motion calling for the council’s Tory elected mayor to ‘stand up for jobs on the North Bank of the Tyne Enterprise Zone’ and rein in Northumberland Tories deputy leader Glenn Sanderson who tabled the motion at County Hall last week.
The Labour motion at North Tyneside will also call for the Tory mayor, Linda Arkley to write to the North’s Tory MP’s, Guy Opperman (Hexham), James Wharton (Stockton South) and John Stephenson (Carlisle) urging them to publicly distance themselves from a letter signed by 106 MP’s including Mr Wharton calling for a damaging removal of subsidy from the emerging renewables industries and the Northumberland Motion.
The Northumberland motion tabled by Councillor Sanderson attracted wide spread criticism and led to 5 abstentions from Councillor Sanderson’s own group and led to his leader Councillor Peter Jackson being banned from the debate. In a separate incident, Councillor Jackson was revealed to have submitted at least two planning applications for wind turbines on his own land. The five Tory abstentions included the Chairman of the West Area Planning Committee, Councillor Ian Hutchinson and long serving Tory Terry Robson from Hexham.
Labour MP’s Ronnie Campbell and Ian Lavery have joined in to add their weight to the calls for Sanderson to withdraw his attack on the renewables industry. They previously released a joint comment which ‘accused Sanderson and the Tory group of undermining ‘Con/Dem’ attempts to attract jobs to the North East and of undermining local renewable energy businesses’.
Labour group leader’s Jim Allan and Grant Davey released their own joint comment ahead of the North Tyneside motion
‘The Elected Mayor in North Tyneside needs to distance herself from the actions of her own party in Northumberland and her Tory colleague in Stockton South, James Wharton MP who signed the letter to the Telegraph which we think sends out the wrong messages to potential investors in the North Bank of the Tyne Enterprise Zone. Northumberland Tories illegal and incompetent motion will damage the North East job push.
We’re calling for her to write to Councillor Peter Jackson and Councillor Glenn Sanderson and the Tory MP’s of the region to ask them to publicly back the renewable energy industries and to withdraw their support for the withdrawal of subsidies to the renewables industries.
The Northumberland Motion may have been illegal but it sent out the message that the Tory party in Northumberland wasn’t backing the North East LEP and we want to make sure Mayor Arkley sends a clear message that sort of political ‘gimmick’ isn’t on and doesn’t reflect Tory sentiment in North Tyneside’.

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