Monday, November 19, 2012



Residents living in EAST  HARTFORD have voiced concerns about the withdrawal of their vital bus link to BROCKWELL HEALTH CENTRE. Many local people are alarmed to hear the 58, 58a CRAMLINGTON circular bus service no longer stops at the Brockwell Centre for them, but has been rerouted. No direct link will involve them in a long walk.

How do older people and people with disabilities cope with this withdrawal of this vital service. Many East Hartford residents are registered at the Health Surgery and for some elderly residents the loss of a direct bus link is going to present a real difficulty in getting there.

Local LABOUR councillor IAN AYRES said, I have been contacted by residents devastated when they heard Arriva Buses was axing this vital route, this bus link is a lifeline for visiting the doctor, local shops,care homes and local primary school. This service is the only link, particularly valued by those who depend on public transport.

Councillor IAN AYRES asks Arriva to urgently consider reinstating this service to Brockwell centre and calls for a meeting with Arriva, residents and local councillors.
Ian also refers to Arriva's  stated values and objectives.

" Working together and maintaining strong local partnerships are fundamental to the delivery of high quality services".
" Service needs to meet the needs of vulnerable residents and help to improve an accessible public transport service".
" Identifying change, listening to our local communities to meet customers needs".

Essential public transport needs of residents are defined.  Health Care, Shopping, Work, Social Activity and Wellbeing.

Councillor IAN AYRES
Cramlington West.

07572 982109, 01670 717738.